Afrique by J.B. d’Anville

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Afrique by J.B. d’Anville

Author: d'Anville

Year/Period: 1700's

Size:Inches:38 x 38
CM:97 X 97

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Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (born in Paris July 11, 1697 _ January 28, 1782), was one of the greatest cartographers of the 18th Century. He became a geographer and cartographer at the young age of twenty and then in 1775 he received the only place in the Acad_mie des Sciences which is allotted to geography; and in the same year he was appointed, without solicitation, first geographer to the king. The crater Anville on the Moon is named after him, as was the community of Danville, Vermont.He was known for his meticulous work which set him apart from his contemporaries.He wanted to create cartographic maps based on astronomic observations and show only those phenomena that existed, leaving unknown areas of continents blank and noting doubtful information as such. He firmly believed that one could not fill a map with fictitious or superfluous material in order to compensate the lack of geographical knowledge available in the year 1700. As a result, compared to the lavish maps of his predecessors, his maps looked empty. This particular map shows some of the empty spaces that were mentioned above. It is a work of great precision and the engraving is quite refined with an exceptional attention to detail.

Engraving Information:

This artistic reproduction of an antique map was made using the same techniques, materials and instruments used for the original. Map is created from a zinc slab that is mounted on a wooden base and printed by hand, a piece at the time, on a press with a limited production size of 20 pieces each time. Map is printed on cotton-paper panels which are glued and mounted on a cotton cloth background "a stacchi" (slightly separated from each other), in order to allow for folding and easier transport. Finally, map is water-colored by hand, making it a truly unique piece, worthy of the original vintage map.