ARTISAN MAPS ยป Order Status

Order Status

Artisanmaps will confirm to customer expected delivery time via email within 48 hours from date of order.

If item is in stock, shipment will take place within 48 hours from date of order and delivery to customer will take place between 1-5 business days from shipment in the US and 1-7 business days in Canada, based on shipment option chosen by customer.
If item is not in stock (which may happen considering extensive size of our catalogue) it will need to be special-ordered and handcrafted in Italy. In this case delivery time to customer from date of order may extend up to 21 days. Artisanmaps will automatically send an additional email notification to customer as soon as item is received in the US and shipped domestically.

Customers can, at all times, ask for an update at:
-our Customer Care phone number at (917) 392-4260, or
-Contact Us through our site, or
-Email us at

We will always answer within 24 hours.