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TERRITORIO DI RAVENNA,  cioe’  Parte Meridionale di quell’Arcivescovado

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TERRITORIO DI RAVENNA, cioe’ Parte Meridionale di quell’Arcivescovado

Author: V>M. Coronelli

Year/Period: 1690

Size:Inches:32 x 24
CM:80 x 60

Price: $469.99


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We remind you to refer to the artistic process shown on the left side or see the video available on the right side referring to the artistic process.

Engraving Information:

This artistic reproduction of a vintage map was made using modern graphic procedures, but obtaining the results found in the antique copperplate engraving technique, as one can easily find out by lightly rubbing his/her finger on the map. This map, which is an exact reproduction of the original antique, is printed on cotton paper panels which are glued and mounted on a cotton cloth background "a stacchi" (slightly separated from each other), in order to allow for folding and easier transport. Finally, map is water-colored by hand making it a truly unique piece, worthy of the original old print.