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Italia by Allard 1680

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Italia by Allard 1680

Author: Allard

Year/Period: 1680

Size:Inches:22 x 19
CM:48 X 57

Price: $359.99


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Karel Allard (1648-1706), with his brother Abraham, took over the business of his father, the Amsterdam map publisher Hugo Allard. The Allard family was known more for publishing atlases of maps by others than for original cartography. This early 18th century hand colored may by Karel Allard Hand shows a detailed census of towns & cities. Sicily is highlighted in its own inset.

Engraving Information:

This artistic reproduction of an antique map was made using the same techniques, materials and instruments used for the original. Map is created from a zinc slab that is mounted on a wooden base and printed by hand, a piece at the time, on a press with a limited production size of 20 pieces each time. Map is printed on cotton-paper panels which are glued and mounted on a cotton cloth background "a stacchi" (slightly separated from each other), in order to allow for folding and easier transport. Finally, map is water-colored by hand, making it a truly unique piece, worthy of the original vintage map.